Our days consist of....

Actual Age: 3 months, 2 weeks, 4 days
Adjusted Age: 3 weeks, 6 days

SLEEPING! You'll notice from the girls pictures that they sleep A LOT! This is of course typical newborn (adjusted age) behavior, but also since our girls are healing/regrowing lung tissue they sleep more than the average baby. Some days Scott and I will just sit and watch them sleep. They both love to have their hands near their face and its so adorable to watch them move their hands during sleep. They also work with Occupational Therapy (OT) a few times per week. We have an amazing therapist and she is empowering us to do more things on our own. Eden will work with her 3 days per week! This schedule is fantastic, she will work on limb movements, head control and overall development. Laying on your back after surgery causes stiffness even in little babies so they need help getting loose again. Reagan works with OT on bottling, tummy time and overall development. We are so happy to have our OT to teach us what's best for our babies developmentally.

Reagan breastfeeds once a day and she is doing really well, its such a wonderful bonding time for us- I love it! And I can't wait until we can try with Eden too.

Lastly, we have taken over the place of 'longest in the NICU' this week. Another family was here with their daughter who is waiting for a heart transplant, but they were transferred to the U this week. They are a very sweet family and we hope to stay friends with them. Thank you again for praying for our family. God is good and he is answering prayers.