Dad's Turn

I thought I would give writing a blog a shot, although it won’t be even remotely close to as good as Amanda’s, so here it goes.

Today, November 11, 2010, is day 102 of being a father to the two best little girls I could ever ask for Reagan Avery and Eden Bryn. I am not going to recap the entire road just a few highlights.

I remember the day that we found out that Amanda was pregnant, the excitement, nervousness, overall joy! The next step was finding out that we were having twins, I was in shock. The thought of jumping into parenthood with two newborns was pretty overwhelming but I was up for that duty. My entire world was turned completely upside while the pregnancy progressed as most of you know. Just before the start of Memorial Day weekend and the summer, Amanda was told she had to go on bed rest for the safety of our girls, my biggest fan wasn’t going to be at any of my races but I was fine with that. After five weeks of bed rest at home Amanda was admitted to the hospital for the remainder of pregnancy. Four weeks of hospital food for Amanda, one parking ticket for me and enjoying our five year anniversary with take out. On August 2nd, I stopped by the hospital to hang out with Amanda in between appointments and to watch a movie (Hot Tub Time Machine, don’t waste your time). We didn’t even get through the opening credits and the doctor walked in, today was the day. This was not part of the plan, I always pictured us at home and her waking me up in the middle of night with “IT’S TIME” alert, but this wasn’t the case. I made all of the appropriate phone calls and Facebook posts to get ready. First was Reagan, so little at 2 lbs. 5 oz. but still so precious. Next was Eden, the first thing I said to Amanda was that she was bigger than we thought at 1 lb, ½ oz. I bounced back and forth from the room with Amanda to next door with a team of nurses and doctors for each girl taking photos, giving updates, trying to process all of the information. I made so many trips between Children’s NICU and Abbott that I figured that I actually ran about 12 miles that night, looks like I got my workout in for that day.

Over the next 100+ very long days I have prayed, laughed, cried, had sleepless nights, questioned why, cried some more, got angry, felt alone, been on top of the world, questioned everything, learned way more than I ever thought necessary, tried to answer why, grown, loved, and been loved. Right now I am happier and sadder than I have ever been because I have the strongest and most caring wife and mother ever and I also have the littlest, cutest and strongest two little girls ever.
Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the prayers, well wishes and consistent thoughts for my family. Before we know it this will all be a memory and a very short chapter in Reagan and Eden’s very long lives. Thanks again for helping us all on this journey. I love you all very much.