Happy Halloween!

2 months, 4 weeks
Adjusted Age: 6 days

Let me introduce future Neonatologists, Drs. Reagan and Eden Hedin! However it might be slightly confusing to their patients because they're identical twins... The NICU can be draining and emotionally challenging so we decided to have some fun today getting the girls dressed in their Halloween costumes. Eden was a trooper and did fine with hers, Reagan cried almost the entire time, however we found out later that was because she had gas. The girls were so cute and had a lot of NICU staff visitors admiring their 'Build-a-Bear' costumes. A special thank you to RN's L and S for making it fun for us. Scott and I enjoyed smiling and laughing at our cute little angels versus dealing with the stress and anxiety that occurs on a daily basis.

Our girls have come to a standstill with their respiratory status. This is especially frustrating and heartbreaking for Scott and I. Eden is still on the ventilator and doing well, but she has an echocardiogram scheduled for Monday to check for the pulmonary hypertension that they found on the last one. If she still has pulmonary hypertension we will have to consult a Pulmonologist about a tracheostomy (trach) to aid in pulmonary support for her. We want so much for her to be a typical baby and it breaks our hearts to even think about this as an option. We are PRAYING so hard that God will heal her lungs and she will not have to get the trach. Reagan is still breathing too fast and her Neo has decided to start her on another round of steroids. We are praying that this will work and that her lungs can heal as well.

We need lots of prayer this week, PLEASE PLEASE pray that Eden's echo will not show any signs of pulmonary hypertension and that Reagan's next round of steroids will help heal her lungs. These little girls need new lung tissue growth so badly to be able to make any progress. Thank you to everyone for praying for us and a special thank you to our EBC friends who provided us with meals last week. It was so wonderful to have a hot meal when we were too tired to prepare anything.