2 months, 3 weeks, 1 day
Gestational Age: 40 weeks (or zero)

Today was bittersweet... it was my original due date. Scott and I were so excited in February when we found out I was pregnant and my due date would be October. We waited for months for this day to come, counting down the weeks, planning for our baby (little did we know babies)! I feel sad that I'm not rolling myself into the delivery room to have our little one's, but I also feel happy to have had so many amazing experiences with out miracle babies already. We have been able to see them grow, cuddle with them, smell their hair, see them smile, give them their first baths and calm them when they're sad. We love our girls more than the world itself and would do anything for them!! We know that this experience is happening for a reason some maybe that haven't been revealed to us yet but we also know that God will guide is to what it is we should be doing with this experience.

Eden is doing well, she is still on the ventilator but breathing much better now. She responds very well to her nebulizers and her airways are so much clearer when she receives them. Her 02 needs are decreasing everyday and she's tolerating stimulus/touch better. Now that she's full term having the vent is difficult because she can't cry out loud. We can see her eyes well with tears and her face get red but nothing comes out of her mouth, this absolutely breaks our hearts. We hate seeing her like this and do our best to calm her down when she's crying. PLEASE, PLEASE pray that she will get off the ventilator very soon and that her lungs are healing quickly.

Reagan hit 6 lbs today!!! What a big girl! We get to cuddle with her everyday and she loves falling asleep on her Dad's chest- she has him wrapped around her little finger.

I go back to work this week, which will be a challenge to juggle working and seeing the girls. Luckily my schedule will only be 3 days per week. I'm grateful to my employer/manager to be able to do this while the girls are in the NICU. It will be very difficult to be away from them during the days so please pray for me to have strength.