Still playing the O2 game...

2 months, 1 week
Gestational Age: 37 weeks, 6 days

We are praying everyday for the girls O2 needs to come down, it sometimes feels like its taking forever and today Eden had a little setback. She was needing a lot of O2 this morning so her MD ordered a chest x-ray which showed "wet lungs". This means that her lungs are holding more fluid than is safe, so he ordered a nebulizer and another Rx to help resolve this problem. She needed to rest today and this is very hard for us because we have been holding her for 1-3 hours everyday. We love them so much and now that we can hold and cuddle them more, it breaks our hearts not to be able to do it everyday.

Current weights: Eden is 3 lbs, 4 oz
Reagan is 5 lbs, 3 oz

Please pray that our girls O2 needs come down and they can begin bottle feeding soon. Thank you for your prayers.