2 pea's in a pod

2 months, 3 days
Gestational Age: 37 weeks, 2 days

Holding two babies at once is.... an armful! Even though they are still little, its amazing how fast your arms fill up. But oh so fun!

We had a busy day today, first of all Reagan hit 5 LBS!!! Wow she is getting to be such a big girl. Eden is sooo close to the 3 lb mark and she should hit it this week! Next, our RN volunteered us for a photo shoot for Children's because our girls are so cute and we're "such a nice family". Scott became the star of the show, I know- hard to believe he would talk candidly about our situation. He was holding Reagan and had video and photos taken for about 15 minutes. Maybe him and Reagan will be on billboards someday... just kidding, not really sure what the photo shoot was for but he was happy to do it. I found that I'm becoming a paranoid Mother, I was panicking wondering if the photographers and producer had foamed up (used hand sanitizer before entering their rooms). They did, but I still wasn't completely comfortable with the situation which I think was evident because they took fewer photos and video of me. Overall though we were happy to do it and I hope that Children's can use the footage for good.

Finally, our wonderful RN L. suggested we hold the girls together! Scott so graciously allowed me to hold them for the entire visit. It was very fun but definitely challenging when my arms are full and one or both starts to fuss and wants their pacifier. It's definitely a two person job! You can see the girls size difference is one of the pictures, and if you look closely also see that they must be identical!

Eden had to switch back to continuous feeds today because the bolus/bottle feedings are still a little stressful for her. She will be working with an Occupational Therapist to help her learn to feed appropriately without dropping her heart rate and O2.

One final note for those who are local, we are beginning our search for a nanny. We would like someone who is skilled and experienced and possibly someone with medical knowledge (RN, LPN, CNA, etc). My schedule will be part-time beginning Oct 24th and possibly increase later. If you know someone looking for a nanny job or even someone who might be interested please let me know. hedinamanda@hotmail.com