Getting Reacquainted

1 month, 3 weeks
Gestational age: 35 weeks, 4 days
We had a big day today! The girls got reacquainted after 7 long weeks. Reagan slept the entire time completely oblivious of her sister. Eden was a little fussy but once she had her thumb or her pacifier she calmed down, she looked at Reagan a few times but was more interested in sucking on her pacifier. It was super cute for me to experience them together and I think they liked it (or I'm going to tell myself that).

Eden had her third eye exam today and her ROP has progressed slightly. We need to monitor this very closely and the keep praying that it won't require laser surgery. She has another exam on Monday with the retinal surgeon to determine if it has progressed and to discuss laser surgery. Please pray that her ROP has not advanced any further and that she will not have to undergo surgery. Other than that she is doing very well. She is tolerating her nasal cannula very well and her O2 needs are very low. We also dressed Eden today, she seemed to like it. Her onesie looks more like a dress, but its still cute.

Reagan is rotating between her C-PAP and the nasal cannula and her O2 needs are also quite low. She is growing like crazy and you'll notice from the pictures that she has a bit of a double chin.

We are so blessed to have the most beautiful little girls!!