Scott Hedin is an IRONMAN!!

What an amazing athlete!! I am the proudest wife right now!! Scott successfully completed Ironman Madison on Sunday, Sept 12th with a wonderful time. He was smiling a HUGE Scott grin out of the water and during his transition to the bike. On the first loop of the bike he was still smiling and passing people up a hill! The second loop took him longer because he stopped for nutrition, but he still looked good when he stopped to ask how the girls were doing and to give me a salty kiss. Next we saw him at the start of the run and even though his remarks were "this is hell" he was smiling and running consistently. His marathon consisted of some walking, but a good amount of consistent running. He ran through the finishing shoot and across the finished line with a smile to kill and his hands held in the air clutching his road ID which has a statement honoring our girls- "I TRI for my girls, Reagan and Eden". He saw my bright pink sign which read "Our Daddy is an IRONMAN, Reagan and Eden" and kept smiling even during his medical assessment.

It was a long day, but he did wonderful and I am so proud to tell our girls that their Dad is an Ironman. Eleven months of training, 2 months of taking care of his wife on bedrest, being the sole financial provider of our house, the birth of his beautiful girls, countless hours in the NICU and he still stayed strong the entire time and earned the coveted title of IRONMAN.