Holding our babies!

1 month, 6 days
Gestational age: 33 weeks, 3 days

Yesterday we held both babies!! What a great day. They both did fantastic. Scott held his little Eden for the very first time! When we hold these little girls the world stops and nothing else matters. I truly never want to let them go. Our hearts are so full of love!!!

Eden is being weaned down on her 02 levels slowly but steadily. We will talk about possible extubation (removing her vent tube) next week, but we will just wait until we see it. She is steadily gaining weight and she now enjoys being swaddled into what I can a burrito.

Reagan is doing well on her Si-PAP and her next step would be the C-PAP. She is being weaned off her nitric oxide, and should be off that within the next day or two. Her feedings are also going well and she is gaining weight. She has learned how to smile and what a beautiful little mouth she has!

Please continue to pray for our girls specifically that Eden will get off the vent very soon and that she will gains lots of weight. And that Reagan can take the next step to the C-PAP. Also pray for Scott and I this weekend as we will be away from them in Madison, WI for Scott's Ironman. I am afraid to leave them, but the RN's encourage us that this is a well-needed break and the girls will be fine. They said we can call 20 times if we need to.