Let us off this rollercoaster!

1 month, 3 days
Gestational age: 33 weeks

Reagan is still on the Si-PAP but really just teetering on being put back on the vent. We are praying non-stop and we have faith that God wants her to stay off the vent. I talked more openly with our Respiratory Therapist and they really just don't know why the girls lungs are maturing so slowly, they also said its just taking a lot longer than anticipated. Reagan's Neonatologist started her on another round of steroids today as well. Her feedings are going great and she's is up to 3 lbs, 3 oz.

Eden is doing well, her O2 needs are up and down but she should be started on another round of steroids this week. Her feedings are going great also and she is growing, up to 1 lb, 11 oz.

Scott and I are struggling... we are stressed and anxious. We have even found ourselves being more critical of the RN's. We just don't understand why our babies lungs are maturing so slowly. Its painful for us to see them still not breathing on their own. We need lots of prayer this week. Scott has his Ironman next Sunday and he has that stress plus the constant rollercoaster with the girls.