Reagan's little mouth

32 days old

We can finally see the whole thing because she was extubated today (her ventilator tube was removed)!!! She was put on a Si-PAP machine (similar to CPAP) which pushes air into her nose, it essentially acts as a ventilator but it’s not invasive. Our Neonatologist warned us that even though she’s going off the ventilator, she still may have to be put back on if she doesn’t tolerate the Si-PAP machine. So far she’s doing great, she is being weaned down on her O2 and is learning to take her own breaths. We are thrilled that she’s doing well and will keep praying that she can stay off the ventilator and move onto the next step which would be a nasal cannulas. God is truly answering our prayers!!

Eden is recovering well from her surgery, she is still not feeling great but she is being weaned down on her O2 levels. Her feedings were re-started today and she tolerated our touch quite well. Please pray that Eden will be right behind Reagan and will be able to get off her ventilator very soon.

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