I have no more fingernails and Scott’s hair is thinning

31 days old

Why? Because Eden had surgery today. We knew that this was a possibility to correct her PDA (open valve in her heart) but we didn’t expect it to be today. This week has been a tremendous struggle and we have been under a lot of stress, so surgery kind of topped the cake. She had an echocardiogram to check the blood flow from her heart and lungs, and it showed that more blood was circulating incorrectly. So at 12:38pm we were told that she would have surgery, surgery was at 3:25pm and by 4:00pm she was back in her isolette in her room. The surgeon was very laid-back and reassured us that these surgeries are done very often with very few complications, but we still had trouble containing our emotions. We cried a lot and prayed even more. She did very well and as of 5:30pm she is requiring less O2 already. Her incision is small and is located underneath her armpit. She will rest the remainder of the night and hopefully resume feedings tomorrow. Just to show the surgeon how feisty she is, the RN’s told us that she pooped and peed on the operating table!

Reagan was started on steroids and nitric oxide both to help her lungs and to allow her to be at lower O2 levels. She responded quite well to the nitric and her O2 needs are less than earlier this week. We are still trying to figure things out with her lungs, but for now she is doing OK.

Both girls will need eye exams this week to watch for Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP), which is an eye problem that can cause the retina to grow abnormally. ROP needs to be monitored closely because if left untreated can cause vision loss. We are terrified of what ROP is and can cause, so we want the girls to have these exams sooner than later, but the eye exam is painful and disruptive so both babies need to be stable enough to tolerate them. Unfortunately at this point they are not and we may need to wait.

Thank you for praying for our girls this week, we need so much prayer and ask that you continue to do so.