One step forward and a few steps back

30 days old
Wow we hit the one month old mark! We can hardly believe its been a month since our precious little girls arrived. They are changing so much and looking more and more like each other and also more like their Dad! We are so blessed to have these two miracles in our life!!

However, as expected with preemies they are on a constant roller coaster. Reagan started having higher heart rates (unusual for her) and she needed more O2 on Sunday. This continued through Monday and today, she's needed between 80-100% O2. This is definitely a step back considering she was around 20-30% just last week. Her Neonatologist figures that she could have an infection, possibly pneumonia or maybe pulmonary hypertension- definitely a mystery. She was started on antibiotics and we will monitor her closely for the next week. She is definitely growing still, but she's a sick baby right now.

Eden is about the same as last week, needing between 40-50% O2, but doing pretty well overall. It's kind of strange, but it seems that when one drops her sats the other does too (needs more 02 and increase in HR), its like they're talking to each other and figuring out how then can conspire to make Mom and Dad worry. I think this behavior will continue well into their teens.

We have had a stressful two days and watching the monitors has been extremely nerve-racking. We've had one call in the middle of the night and lots of tears shed. Its so painful to think that we're taking steps back when things were moving in the right direction. Our hearts are aching wanting these little girls to get off the ventilators and get closer to coming home with us. Please pray that we have patience and peace. We need extra prayers this week for Reagan to get better. And definitely prayers that God will do miracles and they can get off the ventilators very soon. Thank you so much.