Kangaroo Care

27 days old
Yesterday was another big day, I was able to hold Eden (this skin-to-skin contact is called Kangaroo Care)! She is so "itsy-bitsy" as her RN calls her so it was a short 15 minute visit and Scott was not able to hold her. I feel badly that he wasn't able to, so hopefully this will become more regular and he can hold her soon. We had to keep her warmer than Reagan because she still is so little and has trouble regulating her temperature, so you'll notice her hat and quilt both made by my Grandma! They kept her cozy and warm on my chest. What a wonderful feeling to hold our tiny miracle in my arms. We are looking forward to the day when we can hold both of them together!!

Both babies are doing quite well and their Neonatologist think their progress is going quite smoothly.

Reagan is 2 lbs, 13 oz and is taking 8 mL/hr of breast milk, she's on about 35% O2. She loves to be swaddled, but once she starts wiggling she loves to bust out of her swaddle. She also apparently loves Dr. Seuss books, Scott read her two books today and she kept her eyes open for most of story time!!
Eden is 1 lb, 7 oz and is taking 2.9 mL/hr of breast milk, she's on about 40-50% O2. Eden is doing a little bit better with stimulus, but she's quite the drama queen. If her diaper is even a tiny bit wet she cries for it to be changed immediately. I think we will have our hands full with this little one.

These two are the loves of our lives and we are so excited to bring them home and start our family! God is helping us through each and every day and we are so thankful to have Him in our lives.