We came for the rootbeer floats, but we got something so much better!!

23 days old
It was a bonus to go to the NICU at 1:30pm today because there was a root beer float social. We were pretty excited about this until we met Reagan's primary RN Lynn in the hallway. She said that the plan for today is that we were going to hold Reagan while she switched out her isolettes!! The surprise on our faces was huge and we were way more excited than the root beer float excitement!! For one precious hour we held our little muffin and it was amazing. We asked Lynn to give us a time limit because we wouldn't put her back if she didn't set a limit. We took turns holding her and that was also hard, I told Scott that I didn't want to give her up. He had the best and early birthday present today- to hold one of his little girls.

Her response was fantastic, her heart rate was low and O2 levels stable. She was so warm and comfortable in our arms and against our chests. I'm sure my beating heart was a familiar reminder to her and she seemed to enjoy it.

We are praying everyday that our little Eden grows quickly so that we can hold her too.