My Baby Shower and a VERY surprise birthday party

My baby shower was always scheduled for Aug 21st, first we had it booked at Abbott and of course suddenly it changed to being at our house. My sisters, Mom, and friend Heather hosted with help from a few others. It was a wonderful day, everything simply exceeded my expectations. We are so blessed to have so many kind family and friends and even very generous individuals who we don't even know from my sister Lacey's workplace. All of the gifts are wonderful and we are even more excited to use everything with our little girls.

My sisters organized games which they know I'm not a big fan of, so when they turned out to actually be fun I was thrilled. The food was wonderful and showing off the nursery that Scott created was a proud moment for me. Everything was going great until Scott decided to pull me from my shower to go see the babies. We were planning to see the babies but as part of Scott's scheme he said we had to leave sooner than I wanted. I was livid and gave Scott a "talking to" which was similar to the one he gave me 2 years ago as I was crafting his surprise 30th birthday party.

After a wonderful visit with the babies we went home and to my surprise there was another group of party-goers at my house, only this time the decorations were MN Twins with a full stadium style meal! The surprise was so unexpected and wonderful. Scott did a great job of surprising me and absolutely making my day.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Lacey, Emily, Mom, Heather, Tammy and Scott for planning two amazing parties!! I love all of you! And Scott I LOVE YOU so much for making this weekend so special and wonderful and a day I will never forget.