3 weeks old today!

21 days old
The girls are making progress and we are so thankful for this. Both are off the Jet ventilators and on conventional ventilators.
Reagan is tolerating her ventilator very well and her O2 needs are going down, at some periods throughout the day she's down to only 25% O2. Her feedings are at a whopping 8 mL/hr or over 3 oz per day! She is currently 2 lbs, 12 oz and 16 inches. She is also on a nutrient supplement similar to a high dose vitamin in liquid form of course. She no longer has her PICC line (iv in her arm). She is a wiggly little girl and loves to have her hands in or by her mouth and she loves to be wrapped tightly in her blankets. So we realize now that she'll need lots of swaddling and probably a favorite blankie to hold.

Eden is still not getting breast milk as we wait for her infection to completely clear up. Hopefully she will start again sometime this week. Her O2 needs fluctuate pretty dramatically, when she's not sedated she gets mad and breathes over the ventilator which causes her 02 needs to increase. When she's sedated, she does very well and is often at room air settings! Now if we could just figure out how to get her to calm down and let the ventilator do its work so that her lungs can get better.... her Neonatologist, RN and Respiratory Therapist are all working to figure this mystery out. She is 1 lb, 8 1/2 oz and 12 inches. Eden opens her eyes much more than her sister and she is catching up with hair growth! It used to be like peach fuzz, but now she's starting to get the mullet look like her sister!

Thank you so much for the prayers, God is working miracles in these little girls and we still have a ways to go.