We broke a lot of traffic laws yesterday...

18 days old
When the hospital called at 8:30am to tell us that Eden's heart rate had dropped and we should come as soon as possible. We were terrified and prayed the entire way. I barely breathed and Scott drove- fast. Eden had an episode where her heart rate dropped so low that she had to have chest compressions, the whole thing lasted only 5minutes and was over before we arrived. Yesterday was spent trying to figure this out- her echocardiogram came back fine (no fluid surrounding her heart), her head ultrasound was unchanged from the previous, her O2 levels, though high were fine, her Neonatologist could find no infection but all other factors lead to that. So she is being treated aggressively for infection. Her feedings are being held for at least 10 days, which is so devastating to us because she was doing well with feedings and actually gaining weight. She is considered unstable at this time and we are asking God to protect her during every second of the day. We have never heard this kind of news before and it scared us and made us remember how precious life is- especially when you're only 1 lb. We know that God loves our little girls and wants them to grow big and strong and to come home with us, and we are holding on to this faith.

On a good note- Reagan was switched from the Jet ventilator to the conventional ventilator. This is the first step towards getting off the ventilators and we are very pleased with this. When she relaxes she tolerates it very well. She is also gaining weight and doing great with her feedings.

Thank you so much for all the prayers, please continue as they help tremendously.
One more thing- we are limiting visits to family only. Our babies are needing quiet and little stimulation so we are being very particular about who is with them. There will be time in the future when they are more stable that we will allow friends, etc. Thank you for understanding.