Turning 30

I have not looked forward to this day, but last night made up for it. I have an amazing husband!!!! He had me convinced that he didn't really have anything planned for my birthday, which was OK. Really all I want for my birthday is two healthy baby girls. Since he couldn't do that he gave me something so great I will never forget it. Dinner out at the Melting Pot- which was so yummy, especially the chocolate/peanut butter fondue with rice crispie bars, brownies, pound cake, strawberries, marshmallows and cheesecake! And a very big surprise- tickets to the Twins game!! Most of you know that Scott and I are big fans and we were both pretty disappointed that we probably would not make it to the new Target Field this year because of the complications with my pregnancy. He apparently had to move mountains to get tickets to this hot game (vs White Sox), but he did great. We were directly behind home plate in the lower level!!

Even better than the game was the message that showed up on the jumbotran. Scott has some connections at the Twins and he planned to have a personalized message for me. He was so nervous waiting for the message, but it finally came at the bottom of the 4th inning. It read- Happy 30th Birthday Mommy! Love, Reagan and Eden!!! I get tears in my eyes just typing it! I absolutely LOVE this message. When I read it I looked at Scott and said- that's me! I'm Mommy!! I love our little girls more than life itself and cannot wait to cuddle them both. Scott is already a great Dad to know that this is what I would want to see and what would give me comfort and joy. We are both so excited to take our girls to their first Twins game and many more to follow.