We have feisty babies

16 days old
Our babies are stable but still sick little girls. The sick part in the sense that their lungs are still not mature and they continue to need much assistance from the ventilators. Feisty babies are wonderful but their feistiness also causes problems. They both attempt to breathe on their own and this works against the job of the ventilators. Reagan likes to pull on her ventilator tube and appears to be frustrated that its in her throat. Eden likes to pull on her feeding tube. All of this feistiness makes Mom and Dad nervous, we would hate to see or hear that either of them pulled out these important tubes.

Eden has had a tough couple of days with needing more oxygen and blood pressure medication. She also has an increase in an inflammatory marker in her system which could indicate an infection. She is on antibiotics and has stopped her feedings for today which is frustrating because she was doing so well with them. Hopefully she will be re-started on feedings tomorrow.

Their feedings have increased dramatically since Saturday and they both appear to really like breast milk!! Yeah, this makes us feel so good that we made the right decision. And it also makes me feel comforted to know that I am helping them in this way.

Scott and I need to remember to have patience during this process, our heart aches for them to get better quicker than what is happening but we have to realize that this is a process and it will take time. Please pray for us to be at peace and to find patience everyday and for our little girls to continue to get better. Thank you so much for all your prayers!!