Making progress

10 days old
The girls are making tiny steps towards progress. They both were started on steroids to help their lungs mature and besides one incident this afternoon, Eden's response has been "super" and Reagan's response has been pretty good. Our neonatologist fully expects that both girls will do well and make progress on this new Rx. Both have received feeding tubes and started feedings every 4 hours, every 2hours will start tomorrow and then a continuous drip on Saturday!
Both girls are off phototherapy and are responding well to stimulus.

Scott and I are holding up and may even try to "go out" this weekend. Scott has Turtleman Triathlon this weekend and I'm thrilled to be able to cheer him on. Although I won't be running back and forth to see him at each transition.

Please continue to pray for our little girls, God is definitely working miracles and we certainly need more.