Our little miracles

6 days old
We especially need prayer this weekend. Our babies both have valves in their hearts that need to be closed (called Patent Ductus Ateriosus or PDA), this can be done with medication but Eden's heart may not be strong enough to close the valve. If it doesn't close, she will need surgery. We are fearful of this and pray that God will help these valves to close quickly with just the help of medication. Additionally, we need to watch both girls for brain bleeding. Eden has already had her head ultrasound and we are watching this closely, and Reagan will have her ultrasound on Monday.

The girls are usually quite wiggly and responsive. Reagan had her eyes closed tightly, but the RN encouraged me to talk to her and ask her to open her eyes. She was listening and finally opened her eyes for her Mom! Tonight she also had hiccups and Scott was helping her calm herself down by bringing her legs closer to her chest, Dad told her that she should calm down so that her whole body wouldn't shake with their hiccups. It was really cute to listen to him soothing her. We love our beautiful little girls and our hearts are filled with love every time we touch them. We are hoping they will stabilize soon so that we can hold them!!

Thank you so much for the prayers, thoughts, well-wishes, cards, flowers, and gifts. Everyone has been so wonderful and we love all of you.