It's a marathon not a sprint

Our babies have a long road ahead of them, but things are stable today. Both Reagan and Eden had to have different ventilators, but are tolerating them well and starting to breathe on their own Both babies are getting injections for lung maturity and are having nutrition via their umbilical cords.

I am recovering very well and have been up and around a lot. My BPs are stable and will likely go home on BP medications. I will be discharged on Friday and am looking forward to it, but also worried about leaving the babies here without us. It will be hard but I know that they're in great hands at Children's.

Our families have been here this week and its wonderful! Thank you all for your prayers, well wishes, cards, flowers and gifts!

Scott and I would prefer no visitors until I go home on Friday. After that point please call us to set up a time to see the babies in the NICU. We are more than happy to have visitors there, but they limit the number of people so we need respect their rules.