Our babies are here!!


Our BEAUTIFUL little girls made their entrance into this world yesterday, Aug 2nd, 2010.

Reagan Avery, 2lbs 5 oz, 14 inches
Eden Bryn, 1lb .5 oz, 10.25 inches

After super high blood pressures on Sunday I had more lab work done to determine if my body was still functioning properly. Labs showed my kidneys and liver were not functioning as well and my Peri, Dr. Ney was worried about stroke or worse. Around 1:00pm yesterday she decided that my body couldn't take anymore and recommended the c-section. Scott was amazingly calm, but I began to worry about how little the girls would be and tried to ask her for just one more day. She said one day could be critical to me and to the babies. So by 4:00pm I was being prepped for c-section. Ironically enough 15 minutes before they wheeled me back I began to have severe back pain and contractions. I have not felt pain like this before and was shaking with pain and trying to breathe through it. They got me into the OR and immediately started the spinal. I really expected much worse and was surprised that it didn't hurt too bad. The contractions were by far much worse. The entire procedure was pretty quick. And our little girls arrived at 4:22 and 4:23pm. It also turned out that the back pain and contractions were because my placenta ruptured at that very moment. Dr. Ney said it was pretty obvious that my body was done being pregnant. Thank God I was just about to the OR when it happened! Recovery is going fairly well besides the BPs, they are still high and working to get them down. I will not go home until they're stable. I have some pain, but pain medication is given like water here and I take full advantage of it. Reagan and Eden are truly fighting. They have a long road ahead and we are praying for them all the time. They made it through the night, but generally these babies get sicker before they get better. We love them more than anything in the world and pray that they will thrive and grow big and strong.

We will let you everyone know when we can have visitors.

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers.

Please, please keep us in your prayers!!!!