Things can go downhill, fast

28 weeks
I woke up with a high BP this morning and soon spiked which made the nurses very concerned. I remained calm until the topic of delivery was brought up. All labs were good, but we couldn't get my BP to come down even with medication. Soon I was transferred upstairs to Labor and Delivery and my Peri was talking about c-section unless we got the BP's under control. Shortly after an oral medication (anti-hypertensive) my BP's leveled out. I was monitored constantly on 6th floor and came back to my home on Unit 54. I do have a new room though, #5475. Having high BPs is a scary thing, I certainly don't want that to happen again. We are now just praying for 24 hours at a time.

Babies have been great today, they were gymnasts all day. I have never felt this much movement! Its so wonderful to feel them and see that they're doing great despite their Mom's inability to be a good pregnant person.

Please pray that we can get through the next week at least, even longer would be better!