July 26th ultrasound update

27 weeks, 1 day
Today was our anatomy scan, Scott and I prayed endlessly about the outcomes but were still very anxious this morning. Sometimes knowledge can hurt you- its seems we know so much that it can be detrimental. However our Peri's know more and have given us much optimism and encouragment today. So the new story:
Baby A is 1 lb, 14 oz
Baby B is 13 oz (356 grams)

Baby B is quite the fighter. I wsa overcome with heart-ache and emotion when we got the results. It makes me feel like I'm not doing my job as a mother and I already feel like I'm doing everything I can.... but I have Scott who is my amazing strength. He is so strong and supportive that I couldn't do this without him. He loves these girls just as much as I do and I'm sure he feels helpless at times, but really he keeps me going. I love you!! And we certainly rely on God more and more everyday, He is the only one that will truly get us and these amazing little girls through this.

We saw 2 Peri's today and they are both so encouraging. They keep telling me that I'm doing a great job and even though Baby B is small, she is still growing! They are happy with the NST's, BPP's and ultrasounds. They think I have more time and don't think delivery is imminent. Just for percautionary reasons, I got my second round of steroids today and seriously that stuff is like glue being injected into by ahem.. big butt! Wow it hurts, and another one tomorrow. I also was started on an iv of Magnesium Sulfate- a very low dose only 1 gram per hour which will hopefully help with my slightly high BP's and any contractions. So part of my new wardrobe is a cumbersome iv pole that goes with me everywhere. Ignorantly I asked my RN- "so how long am I on this (doing the math I figured 4 hours)", to which her pleasant reply was forever! Grrr... oh well. I can do this.

Sorry for the long post, but Soctt and I are celebrating our anniversary tonight WITHOUT hospital food!!! He's bringing one of our favorite restaurant foods- Common Roots! I thought the double pudding cup was cool, this is even better!!

Finally, thank you again for all your prayers, please keep them coming! God is doing a miracle for our babies and he will continue with our solid faith and prayers! THANK YOU!