Our 5 year anniversary!

Wow! Its been 5 years already. I married my best friend and continue to laugh with him everyday since July 23rd, 2005. I love him more than anything and am so excited to see him as a Dad!!

Our wedding day was so much fun! I remember it vividly. It stormed in the morning, which my bridesmaids kept me from knowing about, while Scott stressed about having an outdoor wedding. However, it cleared up right before our pictures at the fire department. Yes, we crawled up onto trucks and I'm pretty sure there were dirty hems but lots of laughs. The ceremony was beautiful but hot. I didn't cry until after the ceremony when the tears flooded out of me. I was so happy! I don't remember much of the dinner, but we danced the night away. My Dad cut loose and let his 70's style dance moves come back to him!! Finally, we had an after-bar at our room with Scott's mom making sandwiches for all! I didn't want to take off my dress even when we were back at the room, I didn't want the night to end. What a beautiful day- especially appropriate since this was our song at the ceremony. Our love for each other was beautiful that day, but 100 times for beautiful and pure today. We have been through many up's and down's but I know that our love is forever.

Thank you Scott for being my amazing, loving, supportive, kind husband.