July 20th ultrasound update

26 weeks, 2 days
Everything looks good again today. Both babies fluid levels are increasing slightly, Baby B's cord flow is holding steady and both passed their BPP's. The Peri's are surprised but encouraged each time we have an ultrasound. Baby B is a true fighter and we have so much faith that she will be healthy and strong. Oh and she doesn't back down when Baby A elbows her as was happening this morning! She kicks right back! Already fighting in utero- super.

I am so blessed to have so many visitors!! I love all of you and appreciate each of you more than you know!!!!

Finally, Abbott offers and Integrated Medicine program which couples Western medicine with Eastern medicine. This is a complementary service!!! As some of you know, I have previously had acupuncture and truly believe in its healing abilities. So, I have been having acupuncture treatments twice a week which focus on increasing blood flow to the babies! Its a very positive experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

One final note- even though the hospital food is NOT good I was lucky enough to get not one but two puddings with lunch today! I am officially the luckiest girl in the world....LOL.