Room change and updates

25 weeks
I relocated. I am now in Room 5476. Imagine when you lived in a dorm in college-that's about what I have. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful to no longer be situated near the nurses station and tube system but its a bit dated. My room actually has a view, refrigerator, microwave and private shower. I like all of these things. I am having heart rate monitoring for the babies during every shift, Biophysical profiles (BPP's) every day and ultrasounds 3 times per week.

Our babies have been doing very well, great HR's and they are passing their BPP's with flying colors. They practice breathing and move like crazy. I am comfortable and have really great care here.

Again, I am up for visitors anytime! Prayers are helping tremendously and we feel so loved to know that so many people have us in their daily prayers. Thank you more than words can express!!!!