July 8th ultrasound update

24 weeks, 4 days
I have a new home.... Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Our ultrasound went pretty well today. My cervix is still short, but closed, both babies fluid levels increased a tiny bit, and Baby B's cord flow looked pretty steady. It is still intermittent absent end diastolic cord flow, but she's holding solid. Unfortunately she really hasn't gained that much within the last two weeks- she's still only 10 oz. This means she would have virtually no chance of survival if born now.

Because of Bsby B's situation, our Peri "invited" me to be admitted to the hospital. I tried to regretably RSVP 'no' to her invite, but that didn't work. I am now being monitored daily here at Abbott. Oh and she warned me that the food isn't very good here.... oh no!

I had said this before, but we really need a miracle!!! We know that God is capable of doing miracles and we pray that he will have mercy on us at this time. We need Him so much right now.... We need your prayers.