July 1st ultrasound update

23 weeks, 4 days
I struggle with what to write today... we have no bad news, but no great news. The babies fluid levels have increased slightly, which is good. Baby B is still showing absent end diastolic cord flow, which is not great but she is holding steady so we have a lot of hope here. My cervix is shorter, not great news either. I received my first injection of betamethasone (a steroid) to increase the lung maturity for the babies- no problems here. I have to go back tomorrow for another injection. These injections can do wonders for the babies!!

I will absolutely be admitted to the hospital during week 25, which is good because that means daily monitoring. However when we asked our Peri if it was reasonable to think that I could get to the 30's- her answer was a quick NO. Scott and I are praying everyday that we can keep these babies inside of me until at the VERY earliest 31 weeks. We have to hold our faith strong that God is keeping our babies strong and growing quickly. We waver at times, but find great peace and strength in prayer. And it means the world to know that we have so many people praying for us- even people we don't know.

PLEASE continue to pray for a miracle!!! We pray that these babies can stay inside of me as long as possible. Thank you everyone!!