June 23rd ultrasound update

22 weeks, 3 days
We had quite a busy day today. First of all, I passed my 3 hour gestational diabetes test!! Yeah! I may look like a bruised pin cushion, but at least I passed!

We had another anatomy scan today to look at babies growths. Baby A is measuring 15oz (around 425 grams) and Baby B is measuring 8 oz (around 225 grams). Their growth is still about 3 weeks discordant. They both have great looking hearts and all other organs. Baby B did show the absent end diastolic cord flow again and low fluid levels- we continue to worry about this and simply monitor it very closely. My cervix was measured multiple times and seems to be holding steady.

The new plan: We bought ourselves 3 more weeks at home!! Thank you God! I will do steroid injections next week to help with babies lung development and then hospitalization at 25/26 weeks. Delivery is still TBD.

We really need a miracle now to keep Baby B growing and her cord flow strong. We are praying constantly that God will grow our babies and keep them "cooking" as long as possible. This is the best possible outcome for both babies. PLEASE pray for our babies to grow strong and to stay put. Thank you so much!!