June 23rd appt with Neonatology

We met with Dr. Brasel today at Children's Neonatology to discuss survival rates, outcomes, NICU procedures and a plan of action. Our babies have a survival rate when they are over 500 grams and much better survival rates over 1000 grams. Dr. Brasel explained risk with premies and potential outcomes. As I already discussed in my previous post- we simply want to pray that these babies grow big, especially Baby B and that they stay put as long as possible.

We were able to visit the NICU as well and saw some tiny babies... it breaks our hearts to think that our babies could be here. We have faith in God that he will do what's best, but we also have a hard time thinking about the heart-ache that an extended NICU time will cause. Please pray that God will give us strength to deal with this situation.