June 4th Ultrasound update

We are praying for a miracle....
Today was heart-wrenching. We have an amazing team of healthcare providers who have been nothing but supportive.

We had the anatomy scan today and got wonderful news we have 2 healthy baby girls! Twenty fingers and toes, strong hearts, livers, kidneys- everything is perfect. However we figured out the problem with Baby B's slow growth. She is still 3 weeks behind Baby A and this is due to an absent diastolic cord flow. Her blood flow from the placenta is not as smooth as it should be. The next 4 weeks (until I reach 23 weeks) are critical. Her cord flow has to maintain what its been doing, at which point I will be put in the hospital and delivery no later than 28 weeks! This means that we will have extremely premature babies. We are very scared, but have faith in God that he will keep our babies healthy and strong enough to deliver after 28 weeks.

We have never needed more prayer than right now. Our babies cannot deliver before 23weeks. And the road after 23 weeks will also be long. PLEASE pray for our babies! Thank you to everyone for your support and prayers.