May 26th ultrasound update

18 weeks, 3 days
A bit of good news today- Baby B has grown a tiny bit. She is still measuring 3 weeks behind Baby A. Also virus tests came back negative from the amnio!

On another note- the couch is now my best friend. My peri put me on bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy, 151 days (to 40 weeks) to be exact. So, I welcome any visitors or those wanting to give my wonderful husband a hand on housework. Our Peri thinks that the rest will allow more blood flow to the placenta and ultimately to Baby B in hopes that she will grow quicker. My cervix is still shortened, which is another reason for the bedrest.

On a lighter note- our little one's were moving around quite a bit today on ultrasound (pictures to follow, once I can get Scott to scan them for me) and Baby A had her foot/leg kicking or at least crowding Baby B. The typical- she's on my side! LOL! Please continue to pray for Baby B to grow quickly. Thanks to all.