May 20th ultrasound update

17 weeks, 4 days:
This is my first shot at blogging so here it goes....
Good news is that Scott and I are not carriers for CF (cystic fibrosis). Therefore our babies will not have CF. Praise God for these great results.
We had an extensive ultrasound and Baby B is still measuring 3 weeks behind Baby A. Our peri was wonderful and took alot of time to explain what he was thinking. The babies are not showing signs of TTTS (twin-twin transfusion syndrome), which is also wonderful. Our peri says that Baby B is not getting her 100% of the placenta and she needs to adapt to her environment and start growing. Therefore, the only thing we can do at this point is to pray and put all of our faith in God that Baby B will be OK. Ultrasound also noticed that my cervix is shortened. This is also not great, but we will keep monitoring it.
Please continue to pray for our babies. Thank you.