Valentine's Day

Well this week was filled with love for sure. Yes, it was Valentine’s Day but that’s not exactly what I’m referring to. We introduced the Eden’s Garden official website!

For Scott, Reagan and I this is our way of showing our love for Eden. Our love for the families going through a similar journey that we went through. And of course the love for our friends and family who checked out our new website, generously donated to Eden’s Garden and sent us emails, text and phone call saying how touched they were to see the website. We are tremendously proud of this accomplishment!! We worked so hard on it and had a great web designer to help us- thanks Garon Kae Designs!!

In honor of Valentine’s Day and every day: love fully and completely. Don’t focus on the small annoying things that your kids do instead remember to tell them you love them always. Tell them ten, twenty, ten-thousand times a day. Even if they’re too old or too cool for hugs, do it anyway. Hold them, love them, tell them. Because they could be taken away and God could decide it’s their time. On this Valentine’s Day I wish I was holding and telling my sweet Eden that I love her. I wish so much…. Instead I am telling her by creating and growing Eden’s Garden.

Thank you

A HUGE thank you to all of our supporters during our first year with Eden's Garden! We are truly excited to make 2013 an even better year. We will continue to need your help in 2013. Please log on to PayPal to donate!


 A very special thank you to Cassie Hop photography for the beautiful photo! She is our special friend and photographer who is truly devoted to our mission of Eden's Garden.

Our Christmas tradition continued

I looked back on our 2011 Christmas tradition of crafting ornaments for the girls and wow Reagan was so cute and young!!  Fast forward one year- she's still cute but she's our little girl!  To those that have kids, can't they stop growing and stay little forever??  I'm not ready to have a little girl, she's my baby!

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Eden's Garden

We’ve been doing so much lately to bring awareness to Eden’s Garden and we love talking about it, so I thought I would share some information here. 

Eden’s Garden came to be out of our desire to keep Eden’s legacy alive and to help families like ours who are going through the journey of being in the NICU.  We want to provide resources and support to these families because we know first-hand how difficult this journey can be. 

Since 2012 is our first established year we participated in a few events and are truly proud of our accomplishments.  In June Eden’s Garden made its debut and along with 20 friends and family we proudly walked in the Baby Steps 3K and raised money for Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.  During September, Eden’s Garden hosted an event that is close to our hearts, we served brunch at the Ronald McDonald House.  We were able to connect with families and served a hot meal.  Finally in November we recognized National Prematurity Awareness month but bringing awareness to premature babies and raising funds and gifts for Children’s NICU.   

Eden’s Garden is small but we are so excited to have bigger goals in 2013 and help more families.  We can only do this with your support.  Please make a donation to Eden’s Garden so that we can make 2013 a success. 

We are also thrilled to be recognized on Children’s 12 days of giving blog.  To read the blog, click on the link

Contact Eden’s Garden:

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An Eden's Garden milestone

I have an amazing family.This is the thought I had on Friday night as I was waiting for Scott and Reagan to return from trying to go potty for the fourth time during dinner.Scott, Reagan and Eden are amazing to me because of what we’ve been through and what we’re doing with our life changing journey.We could easily retreat and stay quiet and grieve alone but instead we asked God for guidance on what to do with our experiences.After many tears we decided to create Eden’s Garden.It hurts to have to do something in honor/memory of Eden versus having her in our home playing with her sister, but we understand that this is what we need to do.

We are in the process of making Eden’s Garden an official non-profit and having a website created, but these things are slow when funds are limited.So we’ll always take more donations J.This past week was a milestone for Eden’s Garden and we have to express a HUGE thank you to our friends and family who made this event possible.On Thursday, November 16th Eden’s Garden donated $1,000.00 directly to Children’s Hospital Minneapolis NICU!!!!We are so proud of this accomplishment and cannot wait to give more donations!!We chose November 16th because it was Give to the Max Day which means that another donor matched our gift!!!!Then on Friday, November 17thScott, Reagan and I took a whole wagon full with over 105 toys, valuing over $900 to the NICU which will help families play with their babies while in the NICU making them feel more comfortable there.Some of our amazing physicians and nurses met us in the NICU to thank us and to see Reagan.They were thrilled with her progress and we were so excited to see them and thank them!!!They are so special to us and are part of our extended family always.One of the nurses talked about how special Eden was and how her memory will live on forever.My heart was so filled with joy at that moment!!!!We are doing this for Eden and for all the families who have to go through the journey of being in the NICU.

Eagle Brook Church

Our church, Eagle Brook Church has been an amazing support to us during the most difficult time of our life.We feel extremely blessed to call Eagle Brook home.In the most recent issue of Eagle Brook's CANVAS magazine publication they printed a story written by Scott.He articulates what we have felt during the past two years, how our lives have changed and how our faith has grown substantially.It's beautifully written.

page0001 CANVAS 102012.jpeg
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