Sweet little King was born weighing 3 lbs 3 oz at 31 weeks gestation. He has had quite a journey with struggles including RSV, pneumonia, bacterial infections and a chromosomal defect. This family has already experienced one tragedy with the passing of their other son who died in June 2014 from cardiomyopathy. The struggle in the NICU has been challenging for this family and they really only want everyone to be healthy and happy under one roof.

Eden’s Garden was able to provide financial support to this family during this difficult time. We can continue to provide support to these families with your generosity. Please consider donating today. 

A follow-up on this sweetie

Eden's Garden was so thrilled to learn about sweet little Zariya's journey in the NICU in June 2014. Read our original post and learn about her here.

Zariya's journey didn't end in June 2014. This brave little hero has had another heart surgery with an extra long hospital stay complicated by RSV. She was discharged from the hosptial again on Jan 9th but is doing great at home. Her mom cannot overemphasize how amazing her little girl is and how proud she is of all the struggles Zairya has overcome. What a blessing to hear an update and to see pictures of this sweetie!

A mother's heart

This post was written by a mom about her little boy's journey in the NICU. Her words are so true and raw that we wanted to post them directly here so that our supporters can read about this family's experience first hand. 

"After the birth of my 2nd child it was discovered that I became RH sensitized.  What this means is that my body makes antibodies that cross the placenta and destroy the baby's hemaglobin, which can result in severe anemia.  We were advised by the Dr.'s that if we decided to have more children that each subsequent pregnancy would be worse than the previous one.  To our surprise and delight this was not our experience.  Therefore, despite the discomforts of pregnany, I was thrilled when I discovered that we were pregnant with our 6th child.  I assumed it would be similiar to our previous experiences.  Little did I know that this pregnancy would be different from the rest.

When I was 28 weeks pregnant an MCA doppler revealed that the baby was anemic.  Two days later I had my first inutero transfusion done.  The procedure went well and was expected to be repeated numerous times until I was 35 weeks pregnant.  At 29 weeks pregnant I was lying in bed and felt a gush.  I quickly got up and discovered that I was bleeding.  My husband rushed me to the hospital and I was immediately put on magnesium to stop the contractions.  An ultrasound revealed that my placenta had partially abrupted.  I spent the next week at United Hospital being monitored.  The baby had become anemic again so another inutero transfusion was done on New Year's Eve. Two days later on Jan. 2nd, it was discovered that my amniotic fluid was only at a four.  The perinatologist recommended that the baby be delivered that evening. 

The next 8 hours proved to be a very emotional time for me as I awaited my c-section.  I was only 30 weeks pregnant.  I was not ready to meet my baby face to face. I was not prepared for my pregnancy to end so abruptly.  I still desired to grow this little one myself.  I didn't know what to expect.  Would the baby be ok?   How would I get through the upcoming weeks with a premature baby and five other children at home, three of which I homeschool, with no family in the area to help?  As these thoughts raced through my head, I prayed that God would somehow see us through this journey. 

Fear pulsed through me as I was prepared for the c-section.  I was so glad that my husband was with me.  Looking into his eyes gave me the strength I needed at the moment.   As soon as I heard the cry of my little baby being born I was filled with hope. There before my eyes was a beautiful baby boy that I had been nurturing inside of me for 30 weeks.  He weighed 2 lbs. 12 oz and measured 15 inches.  I cherished the moment they brought him over to me and allowed me to touch his little face.  He was so perfect, but so small.  Shortly afterwards he began his journey in the NICU.

It has now been over 6 weeks since Basil has been in the NICU.   He received a blood exchange transfusion less than 12 hours after his birth due to the amount of red cell destruction caused by the antibodies.  He spent two weeks under the billi lights followed by one blood transfusion.  He most likely will need another transfusion as his hemaglobin is still declining.  His lung development was much better than we expected.  We were fortunate that he only required C-pap and Si-pap.  He also had many apnea spells,which are very common for preemies.  I struggled with establishing a milk supply, but was determined to do so for the sake of my baby.  It was also a challenge to recover from a c-section.  Some of the most memorable moments that occured in NICU was watching them feed him his first drops of colostrum, spending hours holding him in my arms skin to skin, watching him graduate from an isolette to a crib, and finally making it into the Level II NICU.  Now the next milestone is for him to learn how to eat.   

God truly has provided for us in ways I never would have imagined.  We are so grateful for all the people who have so generously volunteered their time to take care of our children and make meals for our family.  It was a blessing to have found Eden's Garden and read about other people's experiences with a preemie.  It made me realize that there have been so many others who have walked this journey and it gave me hope and peace knowing that I am not alone.

We eagerly await the day when Basil will come home.  His two sisters and two brothers are excited to hold him in their arms for hours on end.  Well, that is if I share him with them.  Afterall, I too can't wait to have him near me all day and hold him in my arms without the all the wires and alarms!


A very long journey

Cayden was born on June 14th, 2014 about three months early. He was 2 lbs. 4 oz and was 13 in long. He struggled at birth and his mom says he was barely holding on. He has needed multiple blood transfusions, bursts of steroids, and lots of medications. He has had pneumonia three times since birth, each time is scary for him. He got a tracheotomy at about 3 months and a g-tube shortly after. Cayden is still working on growing precious new lung tissue. For now, he LOVES playing with balloons, swinging, and convincing the nurses to play with him. 

Eden's Garden was so willing to step in and help this family during their long hard journey with Cayden. Our hope is that the entire family can be home under one roof very soon. Thank you for your continued support for families like this one. 

Big personalities in little packages

This week Eden’s Garden was thrilled to help a family with twin girls born at only 25 weeks! Their mom writes about their journey here.

“Tallulah May & Lilly June born 10-20-14 at 25w are identical twin girls with big personalities! 
Tallulah weighing  only 1 lb 7.5 oz and 12 1/4 inches at birth and Lilly a hair bigger at 1 lb 8 oz and 12 1/ 2 inches! Tallulah May was born with heart defects which we were expecting and doctors told us being  born this early not to expect her to survive but she didn't get that memo... as she was extra feisty and doing better than her sister.They were perfect like little dolls.
Every day they changed- some days for the better some days for the worst.
We have been here now in the NICU for 13 weeks now. And today you'd see them and they are like two normal little babies. Lilly has no feeding tube anymore and is completely off oxygen she loves to bottle too! Tallulah's still on oxygen and bottles most the time as she is now having problems with her blood sugar being too low.
Lilly June weighs 5lbs 10oz and is 17 inches long, Tallulah is not far behind at 5lbs 7oz 17 inches long! Big babies!  Now at 37 weeks. They laugh smile, giggle and cry loud everything full term babies do... hopefully we'll have them home by February! Thank you so very much!”



A bittersweet holiday season

A beautiful holiday season mixed with emotions for this precious family. They are dealing with loss, joy and fear.

Reese and Regan, identical twin girls were born on November 25th via emergency c-section.  Their mom tells an amazing story:


“I was being watched very closely with two ultrasounds a week since they thought we might have some "twinning" happening where one baby gives most of the fluid to the other baby.  I went in on Thursday, November 20th to St. Cloud for my ultrasound, and Reese had fluid of 4, and Regan had fluid of 10.  I went back in the following Tuesday, November 25th, at 26 weeks pregnant, and Regan had fluid of 14, and they couldn't find any fluid around Reese. My doctors, then, decided their best chance for survival would be an emergency C-Section. They got me all ready, and when my husband arrived, they delivered out twin girls! Regan was born first at 1 pound 11 oz., and Reese came second at 1 pound 7 oz.  now, we had a family of 5 with the girls joining our 1-year-old son, Lee!  They immediately took them back to the NICU to stabilize them.  We were overjoyed with the arrival of our beautiful identical twin girls and couldn't have been happier.  The girls were put on CPAP machines to help with breathing right away.  They were our tiny miracles.  

We were called down to the girls' room in the middle of the night on November 26th, as Regan had an air bubble between her lung and chest cavity.  The doctors were very concerned for her at this point. They were able to remove the air bubble, and place a PICC line for her.  They seemed to have a sigh of relief, which made us feel a little better.  We decided to have both of the girls baptized right then.  We went back to lay down for a bit, and were awoken by our nurse just before 5 am on Thursday, November 27th, who rushed us down to the girls' room.  The doctor and her team were in the middle of doing CPR on Regan, and she said they had been doing it for about 15 minutes already.  We watched them for what seemed like an eternity, when the doctor said, "I will continue CPR on her, but I'm afraid....., but I will continue unless you tell me to stop." I turned to my husband, and said, "We have to let her stop." The worst words I had ever heard, and they were coming out of my mouth. I just couldn't believe what was happening.  We knew that she had done all she could to try to save our sweet Regan, but she had exhausted all options.  Our baby had become an angel in that instant.  We were able to spend the day holding Regan and praying over her.  A photographer had come in to take some beautiful pictures of our girl that we will treasure forever.  She was only with us for 2 short days, but she left an impact that we will never ever forget.  We had a touching funeral service for Regan that following Wednesday.  The outpouring of love and support we received from our family and friends was overwhelming.  Amidst all of this sorrow, we still had our daughter, Reese, to continue our fight for.  She was stable and doing relatively well.  The week of December 1st, she started to have dips in her heart rate and more occurrences of apneas (times when she would stop breathing).  The doctors were monitoring this, and tweaking her medications as this went on.  On Sunday, December 7th, it had become too much, and started to effect her other systems.  The doctors said, at this point, we should transfer her up to the U of M Children's Hospital.  If she would need a surgery or anything right away, they have surgeons and specialists at the ready.  They took her by ambulance to Minneapolis, and we were there shortly after.  They immediately went to work on Reese by pumping her full of fluid, as she was dehydrated.  They started her on several antibiotics too.  They thought, initially, that she had NEC (necrotizing entero colitis) which effects the intestines, and part of her intestine may have died off.  They also found that she had an infection within her blood.  With all the fluids they had to give her, she became about twice her size of when she arrived.  This was all very hard to see, along with all of the IV's they had coming from every limb, and even her head.  The first few days were touch and go, and they even considered surgery on her intestines due to the NEC, but eventually decided to continue on with a less invasive route of working with her antibiotics first to see how she responds.  They weren't even sure she would survive a surgery.  Sure enough, she started showing signs of improvement in the next couple days!  They, now, think she never had NEC, and her other systems were responding like that due to the infection in her blood.  They had a specialized infectious disease team come in and pinpoint the certain types of antibiotics she needs, and they started her on those.  She is currently on an oscillator to help her breathe, but she is resting comfortably.  They just started her on a very tiny amount of breast milk.  She has come a very long way from day one here, and she in an incredible fighter.  She has been through more in her short 3 weeks here than most people have to endure in a lifetime.   We hope and pray for our tiny miracle to come through this so we can take her home to join our family and live a happy life.”


Please donate so that we can help more families like this one!



A peanut

Draven is a sweet little peanut that is giving his mom and dad a tremendous amount of joy this holiday. They want nothing than for him to grow big and strong so that they can all go home soon. He was born November 19, 2014 weighing in at 1 lb 10 oz. Since he came too soon at 23 weeks, he has struggled with breathing and lung development. He’s had bursts of steroids to develop his lungs. This little sweetie has also had two surgeries already in his short 4 weeks- the first for a perforated (hole) in his intestine on Thanksgiving Day and another last Friday to close a ventricle in his heart. Not to mention multiple blood transfusions and therapies. Draven is recovering well and is opening both his eyes. He loves to hold his Mommy’s finger and enjoys the interactions he has with his parents doing cares (temperature, diaper change, rotating his head, etc). His favorite way to sleep is with his hands by his face. Mommy and Daddy call him peanut because he’s so tiny.

Eden’s Garden was able to provide some necessities for this family so that their journey in the NICU is a little bit easier. Please support Eden’s Gardens mission to provide resources and support to families like Draven and his mom and dad. 

A blessing

Emma was born August 5, 2014 at 26 weeks gestation weighing 1 pound 12 ounces. Two weeks before Emma was born, mom and dad were a little worried as soon found out that Emma had complications including a diagnosis of duodenal atresia. At this time, they found out that Emma also had Down syndrome.

Emma was born via emergency c-section after 5 days in the hospital trying to stop pre-term labor. She was feisty from the start! After she was born it was determined that she had 3 holes in her heart, a VSD, PFO/ASD and PDA. The PDA has now closed and she will need surgery to close the VSD and PFO/ASD. Emma also has chronic lung disease from being so premature. At 3 weeks old she developed bacterial meningitis, UTI, pneumonia and was septic. She overcame all of that and at 7 weeks old she had her duodenal atresia repair. She has been working hard at eating, growing and breathing. She is now 4 months old and still tiny at 5.5 pounds. She had a g-tube surgery last Friday and will be having heart surgery in the future. Emma's family is hoping to have her home sometime in January.

What a long and amazing journey this family has been on with their sweet little blessing. Eden's Garden recognized that they likely have trouble preparing and shopping for food since their schedule with Emma's needs is so full. Gifts of Let's Dish and Target come in handy when you still need a meal while trying to get your sick kiddo home and everyone under one roof. This family is so precious and we were so honored to help them in December. 


Little Nimi

This beautiful only child is a special little one. Nimi as her parents have nicknamed her was born on October 26 with a very low birth weight of only 1,010 grams. Nimi arrived a little too early at only 26 weeks with very immature lungs. Nimi still requires oxygen support but she’s making progress and gaining weight.  Her mom and dad are keeping their heads high and focusing on spending everyday- not missing one day with their special little girl.


This family has had challenges with transportation and getting to the NICU. Think of the worry and anxiety associated with trying to arrange transportation to the hospital to be with your sick infant.  Most of us simply walk out of our house and jump in our car and drive away. Nimi’s parents’ biggest request to Eden’s Garden was for transportation. Eden’s Garden was able to support this family by providing a means for them to pay for transportation so now they can spend their time and energy getting Nimi ready for her first holiday at home- if not Christmas or New Year’s, hopefully Valentine’s Day. Eden’s Garden provides this kind of support for these families in need. You can support Eden’s Gardens’ mission today too!

20141110_183145 (1).jpg

Wine in the Garden 2014

Wine in the Garden 2014 was a great success! The event was held in Cannon River Winery's beautiful new second floor space which has high ceilings and rough wood floors. The warmth of atmosphere was felt through the cool October night. The wine was flowing and paired with yummy homemade comfort foods by Cannon River Catering Company. The silent auction and flower pulls had some lively action with people anticipating and being excited about what they "won". It was completely worth it to blow your diet on Amy's Cupcake Shoppe cupcakes! The music was beautiful and performed live by such wonderful people. The Sorensen family shared their story of their journey with Carter who was in the NICU last year, the struggles that he endured and the love of mom and dad to get him through every day.

Best of all though, everyone present was there to support Eden's Gardens mission to provide resources and support to families going through the journey in the NICU. Approximately 5% of babies born in Minnesota every year will require a NICU admission.  These families may be going through a journey that adds stress to their everyday lives and Eden's Garden is able to step in and help them through this journey. Thank you for sponsoring the event, donating an item to the silent auction, attending and most of all supporting Eden's Gardens mission!! Eden's Garden raised $12,900 for families going through this journey in the NICU. Thank you!!

Check out the photos here with password Wine.


Planting a flower. That's what the mom that Eden's Garden helped last week is planning to do with the flower pot that we put her gift inside. She said she wants to plant something pretty for Eden. This is so incredibly touching. As an organization our mission is to help families during their journey but also to honor the life of our sweet, beautiful Eden.

Eden's memory is still living on today even three years after she left us.

Caleb was born July 13th weighing only 1 lb 10 oz. He arrived way too early, nearly 15 weeks! Prognosis for these micro-preemies is usually not very good, but Caleb is at a great hospital and receiving the best possible care. Caleb had a rough start with an infection called Group B strep, breathing issues which required ventilation, bilateral hemorrhages in his brain and the need for blood transfusions. His month found it so painful to not be able to hold him for one month because of his fragile state. As a mother, this is one of the most difficult things- not being able to hold, cuddle and comfort your child.

Despite getting through that series of issues, Caleb had other struggles to overcome. He had a recurrent Group B strep infection which is extremely rare, Necrotizing enterocolitis and bilateral inguinal hernias. He is doing so much better now that his breathing support is under control and he is gaining weight.

Unfortunately during this difficult journey Caleb's family has also been in a life crisis. Caleb's mom is struggling to support her son and three daughters while her fiancé is ill. She has been struggling with paying bills and supporting her family.

Eden's Garden knew this was a family who would benefit from our support during this journey. With a Walmart gift card Caleb's mom was able to buy essential baby items for his upcoming discharge to home. These are items that she did not have budgeted because of her current situation. We are so blessed to be involved in these families lives during this difficult time. Eden's Garden is providing support now and in the future to these families and their amazing babies.

Caleb 2.png

Another follow-up on a little guy

Here’s another follow-up from one of the families that Eden's Garden helped. Read the original post about Carter here.

Carter's mommy wanted to write an update:

Carter is now 10 months old and is doing amazingly well! He spent two months in the NICU and ICC and since then he has been doing great. We have had to be careful and not expose him to many germs as his lungs are still underdeveloped, but over time they should continue to grow and catch up. The doctor mentioned he may not be able to run marathons, but if that is the extent of his difficulties we are definitely ok with that and knowing Carter he will likely continue to amaze us with all he does. The only other difficulty we have run into is eating and weight gain, but again Carter really is doing very well and we know in time that he will master this as well. He is a very active and happy little guy; he is crawling and trying to walk all over the place and loves chasing his little dog. Sometimes we "forget"  how much he has been through and the tough road he had, because he has done so well and is so very happy. He is such a blessing and we could not be more in love with him! 

We are so thankful to Eden's Garden for all your support and gifts. It really meant the world to us, during such a hard and scary time. Thank you again! We think of Eden and your family often! 


Little, feisty Leila

Sweet little Leila was born at only 28 weeks and weighed a mere 1 lb 14 oz but she let out a single cry in the operating room. Leila has been doing things her way- as most preemies usually do. She was on breathing support called CPAP for 4 weeks. Her parents were so eager to see her beautiful face and CPAP is like a giant mask on a tiny baby’s face. She is very feisty and hated her CPAP- she was always trying to push it off her face. When the nurses would change it she would push their hands away to put it back on, cry and move her head the opposite direction. She had trouble with her O2 sats and needed it adjusted frequently. When she got the nasal cannula she quickly figured out how to pull it out or move her head around to get it out of her nose. All of this behavior is so amazing for such a tiny little preemie!


Since Leila was born she has moved her head to the direction of her mom and dad's voices. She loves snuggling skin to skin or in clothes. She just cuddles right into her mommy’s chest! Leila has found her voice and grunts and talks to her mom and dad a lot! Leila’s mom says “I love her smiles, she smiles with her eyes closed pretty often. Just this last week she is really opening her eyes and staying awake for about an hour in the late afternoon and I got a smile with her eyes open. She likes it when I cover the top of her head with my hand, it comforts her. She loves her baths too, she gets a very calm happy look on her face and hardly moves. I just learned how to give her an infant massage, she likes her back and chest touched but I think her feet are ticklish because she doesn’t care for that”.


Today Leila is 5 lbs and is learning to eat and overcome reflux.  Eden’s Garden was so excited to help this special family during their journey in the NICU. Please help us continue to support families during their journey in the NICU by donating today.  Also, get your tickets to Wine in the Garden today! It will be an amazing event with all net proceeds benefiting families just like this!

Leila's mom was so excited to receive a Boppy from Eden's Garden that she sent this super cute photo!!!

Leila's mom was so excited to receive a Boppy from Eden's Garden that she sent this super cute photo!!!

Follow-up for twins

Many of our donors and families have asked that we periodically blog about past families that we’ve helped. So here’s our first follow-up. Read about Rania and Amina here.

Today they are doing so great. The girls are eating and sleeping and they’ve even started to smile. Their family feels so incredibly grateful and blessed for each and every day. They have no long term issues to report.

Amina has a heart condition but it’s presenting no current problems. She has an echo done every couple of months to keep an eye on it but other than that she’s doing great! Rania came home on an oxygen monitor but no longer uses it.

We immediately got smiles on our faces when we saw these adorable photos of the girls. Thank you to this special family for allowing Eden’s Garden to be a part of your lives.

Holding on to the days they have

Eden's Garden was so happy to help a very special family during their journey in the NICU. They are a truly remarkable family and they cherish every day with their little one because they simply do not know how long he will be with them. His mom wanted to write this post in her own words.
"I tell him he's the winner of a strong man contest all the time. He comes from 3 generations of pro-wrestlers on my side and that's what he acts like. He growls, coo's, yells, bats at the banana that his favorite monkey holds dangling by his crib.
We enjoy every second that we have with him, because we're uncertain of how long we'll have with him. I keep thinking of him teaching me this. One never knows how long ANY of us will be granted life on this earth, but I am fully aware of that now. 
Emmett was born with holoprosencephaly or HoPE, the predictions were much more dire in utero than now, but he still has a life threatening birth defect. Seizures, Diabetes Insepidous & Midline Cleft Lip Palette come with HoPE. He has a g-tube, a new regime of anti seizure meds and his diabetes Insepidous is under control with meds.
We are going back home Sandstone MN finally. Unfortunately, had to quit my new job that I was starting because I HAVE to stay home and care for my BABY. We have no financial resources right now, and we are really struggling.
We don't know how long we will have with Emmett but we are fighting alongside him and will be diligent to give the best care possible.
The Scottish Rites Hospital in Texas has a Holoprosencephaly Specialty Clinic, I've spoken with the nurse director there twice and she said that Emmett's docs are doing all the right things. Please check out the holoprosencephaly support site HoPE for families.
Many family members have said he's here to teach people and that he's already done.
I love him with every ounce of my being and I will continue to fight with him because he has a lot of fight in him for such a little guy he's amazingly strong. I pray he and I & our family are together for many, many years.
Eden's Gardens donation to our family helped purchase the monkey blanket that Emmett uses!!! As well as other things! Thanks so much <3"

The words of this mom are so meaningful to us at Eden's Garden. Help us support more families like this by making a donation today.

Pediatric Home Service

Eden’s Garden is so excited to have Pediatric Home Service (PHS) as a platinum sponsor for Wine in the Garden! PHS has been a huge part of our lives and their care, compassion and expertise helped us during the most difficult days of our li...ves. PHS staff will also be volunteering and attending Wine in the Garden this year! Read more about the amazing things that PHS is doing in our community at @PHSkidsthrive

Pediatric Home Service is an independent pediatric home care company, providing respiratory therapy, infusion nursing & pharmacy, home caring nursing, and clinical support services. Through these services, children with medical complexities and technology dependencies are able to live safely and successfully where they're most comfortable, at home with their families, rather than in a hospital.

Pediatric Home Service has been partnering with health care professionals and family caregivers for more than two decades to deliver compassionate, specialized, high-quality care to children with special medical needs.

This was the amazing day in Feb 2011 that we finally were able to take Reagan home after 7 months in the NICU. Pictured is one of our awesome home care RN's that helped us transition to home with a medically fragile child. Thanks Jade!    #  PHSkidsthrive

This was the amazing day in Feb 2011 that we finally were able to take Reagan home after 7 months in the NICU. Pictured is one of our awesome home care RN's that helped us transition to home with a medically fragile child. Thanks Jade! #PHSkidsthrive

A terminally ill child

Gabriel “Gabey” was born June 30th with a life-threatening disease called Trisomy 18. This little guy has a heart defect and a floppy airway. This causes him to have breathing problems. He is struggling in the NICU and his parents are by his side all the time. When his mommy and daddy cuddle with him his breathing gets better. Kangaroo care is so tremendously healing for these babies and the nurses who encourage it are wonderful. Gabey loves to cuddle and his family is hoping to take him home very soon. He has an older brother who is in love with Gabey. According to the boys mom, his older brother doesn’t see the wires and tubes he only asked why Gabey doesn’t have eyebrows. A child’s love is so beautiful.

Sadly after Eden’s Garden had selected this family sweet Gabriel passed away on August 7th in the hospital. This family is grieving and our decision was to support them regardless of losing their little one. Please help us continue to support families during their journey in the NICU by donating today.


Twins born too early

Cameron and his twin sister Caroline were born June 8th at 25 weeks 4 days gestational age. While thier initial tests looked good, the trauma of birth and early delivery proved to be too much for sweet Caroline. She passed away on June 9th peacefully in her mothers arms due to lung and heart failure.

Cameron has had an ongoing struggle with breathing. He is still ventilator dependent and continues to have episodes. The main goal for him is to gain weight so that his lungs will continue to develop and get stronger. He will have a long road ahead of him and his parents are 110% committed to getting him healthy enough to go home and thrive. Cameron’s parents are so very thrilled to be able to hold him and he definitely rests easier when they are doing kangaroo care.

Eden’s Garden is here to provide support to this grieving family. Please help us fulfill our mission by donating to Eden’s Garden.

An amazing, long journey

This sweet family has been through so much during their journey. Their babies are only seven weeks old and yet their story will leave you speechless. Expecting triplets would be overwhelming as it is but to combine that with a difficult pregnancy is even tougher. On May 14th at only 23 weeks gestation, Marissa (Baby A) was born into this world. She was far too little and weak and she passed away less than an hour later. So while this family struggled with their tremendous grief, mom was able to be stabilized by doctors and kept the other two babies inside. However only two days later on May 16th Baby B, Hazel and Baby C, Grant were born. Both babies were just over 1 pound and only 24 weeks gestation.

These babies are working on lung development, Hazel had heart surgery on her tiny heart, and they’ve had multiple blood transfusions all the while trying to grow big and strong so that they can go home. Their parents are so incredibly in love and have relished in being able to Kangaroo care with them. Hearing Grant cry for the first time was a beautiful sound. All of these little things are those that parents of full-term healthy babies don’t even think about. But as a preemie parent you cherish every small milestone. These things give you breath and hope. This family has already had a journey and it’s not near the end yet. At some point both of these babies will go home and thrive but in the meantime Eden’s Garden is here to provide support. Please help us fulfill our mission by donating to Eden’s Garden.