A 2 lb miracle

On Friday, June 29th we welcomed our baby boy to this world. He made his arrival 14 weeks early, weighing in at 2 lbs 4 oz.  He is proving to be incredibly strong and is certainly progressing in the right direction. There have been some ups,and downs, but thankfully, more ups than downs. His little body is working hard each and every day, and he now weighs double what he weighed when he was born.  He will remain in the NICU until the time of his original due date in October, and is being cared for by an incredible team of nurses and doctors.  


We expectantly go to the hospital each and every day, looking forward to seeing our little boy. We have another child as well, and have minimized our time out of work now, in hopes of utilizing our PTO once our baby comes home. Maintaining jobs, and our bodies, is a juggling act, when it is combined with raising another child, and spending multiple hours every day at the hospital. God bless the people that are behind Eden’s Garden. The gift cards to Target, and area restaurants, have without a doubt eased the financial burden. We’re on the go a lot. Food cost for us has gone up substantially as we have minimal time to prep and cook meals at home. So, the EG support has been a blessing!


Having a baby 3+ months early has been difficult. But through this process, we have seen the kindness of others in full force. Thank you so much Eden’s Garden, for all that you have done for us, and for people that are in similar situations. We truly appreciate what you have done. 

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