Giving back

We are beyond blessed when families who we’ve helped give back to Eden’s Garden. The Marical family decided to have a garage sale this fall and they donated all of the money raised to Eden’s Garden!! Here’s an update and some photos from the family (shared with permission).

Hello! It has been 3 years since you have helped our family. Our daughter Emma had spent 6 months at St. Paul. Ended up with a G tube, a tracheostomy , and 24/7 home health care. We used our gift from Eden's Garden to buy furniture for Emma's room that would hold diapers and machines.

I’m proud to say that Emma is now 3 and 1/2, and healthy as can be, developmentally right on track! She had many more trips to the hospital the first 2 years at home. And, with all that and trying my best to trust my home health nurses (I really did Emmas cares about 99% of time) with the exception to sleep and give love to my older 3. I was exhausted.

Emma , however, strengthened her lungs quickly and was decanulated and reconstructed in Sept. 2016. The g tube was only in for a short time after we went home. She was finally free! Best of all my girl could hear her voice, and so could we!

We also celebrated in January this year that Emma had been hospital free for one whole year!!!! And, odd enough, her favorite thing to do.....sing! We are blessed.

So, its time for us to pay you guys back to keep on helping others. We have thought of you guys often. All the money that we make and get donated will all be sent to Edens Garden! Im hoping for a large turn out. Some of the very furniture that was used in Emmas room will be saying good bye to us!:)

Thank you for all you do for NICU families.


Marical 2 9.16.18.jpg
Marical 9.16.18.jpg