South Dakota twins

Ramzi and Jax's mom wrote this blog post after their extended NICU and surgical stay was complete:

Ramzi and Jax were born 8 weeks and one day early on December 26th, 2015. Ramzi was 3 pounds 5 ounces and Jax was 4 pounds 9 ounces. Both babies were doing great and had just started to eat from a bottle when Jax got very sick. The hospital called me at 1130 pm and told me that Jax had an infection and they had moved him to a different room away from Ramzi. I went to the hospital just for peace of mind and as the night went on Jax was getting worse and worse.

The doctor intubated him to put him on a ventilator and ordered for x-rays for every 3 hours. They diagnosed him with Necrotizing Entercolitis. This is a very scary problem for preemies to have. The doctors stopped feeding him by mouth and started IV feedings. Jax was not able to eat anything for 10 to 14 days. He seemed to be getting better as they started to feed him by bottle again so they increased his food slowly. However, it didn’t take long and he was throwing up everything he ate and seemed to be sleepy all the time. The doctors stopped the feedings for him again and ordered X-rays again for every 4 hours this time to watch barium flow through his tummy. On the third day they noticed that the barium stopped at one point in his intestines. At this point the doctor said he would need surgery.

Jax was then flown to Minneapolis Children’s Hospital, on January 26, 2016 at one month old. On January 29 they did exploratory surgery and found that Jax’s intestine had ruptured at some point and when it was healing and it healed close to another part of intestine. They removed some of his intestine where his blockage was and also removed his appendix. He was healing and we were just waiting for him to poop when the night nurse called me and said he had a stool but she was worried about it so they ordered an x-ray that showed some questions so they ordered another one with a different view. This x ray came back to show that his intestines had ruptured again where they had fixed the blockage and air and stool were loose in his torso he needed emergency surgery. The surgeon came to let me know they Jax did great and they gave him an ileostomy stoma that he would have for 8 to 10 weeks.

A few days later Jax stoma started to work so they brought in a nurse to show me how to care for his stoma and change his ostomy bags. A few days later he was ready to come home J It took us two days the trip was very hard on him never having been in a car seat. While at home he started to lose weight and got an infection from his stitches we were told to wake him up every 3 hours to eat and antibiotics 2 times a day. He healed very quickly and started to gain weight! We scheduled his next surgery to put the intestine back for March 25th. Jax and I flew from Aberdeen. This surgery went as planned and again we were just waiting for him to poop. A few days later everything was working and they started food and preparing for him and I to return home to Dad and Ramzi. Jax and Ramzi are now 5 months old and doing great.