Remarkable twins!

Lincoln and Lily were born at 28 weeks on December 5th weighing 3.1 lbs and 2.8 lbs respectively. Their mom had a very traumatic birth and the physicians even asked mom and dad to decide between the lives of the twins and mom's life. Ultimately the c-section was emergent and mom was at risk but pulled through and did just fine. These twins though, they've done remarkably well. The physicians cannot believe how well they've done for 28 weekers. Neither required any long-term ventilation and they were on and off oxygen very rapidly. They learned to eat quickly and went home after only 7 weeks in the NICU! Lincoln is a calm and relaxed baby and loves music, people singing to him and being massaged after a bath with lotion. Lily is sassy and has a lot of attitude, she will let her mom know when she's hungry. Lily is usually alert and loves being talked to and told stories. The twins have four siblings who welcomed them home with open, warm arms. The twins are doing very well at home and Eden’s Garden was excited to help them with some baby items and other essentials during their journey in the NICU.