Lana Rose

Eden's Garden was happy to help this family this week. Read a post from Lana Rose's mother:

Today is exactly one month since our precious baby came into our lives and rocked our world. It's amazing what can happen in just a month.

In one month, our entire world was turned upside down. What we thought was going to be a normal pregnancy, ended up being anything but. After being admitted in the hospital for what we came to learn was severe preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome, 5 days later I delivered via emergency C Section our tiny beautiful princess warrior, Lana Rose, at just 24 weeks gestation. At the time we had no idea what she was going to be like, only that this perfect little human came into our lives (early) and our hearts grew immensely with a strong, fierce and crazy love. We were told that she could have mental and physical disabilities, as well as potentially be blind and/or deaf, among other very scary things. What's worse, the doctors also told us that she might not make it. Little did they know that she is an Israel Grinberg. She is small, but boy does she have a huge personality and a zest for life! She keeps pleasantly surprising everyone, and has proved to us how beautiful and precious life is, and how special it is to become a parent. Most importantly, she keeps showing us that anything is possible.

In one month, our relationship, which we considered to be pretty awesome, grew tenfold. We experienced things as a couple that tested our commitment, strengthened our love, pushed our boundaries and made us stronger than we ever thought possible. We faced tough decisions, incredible physical pain, and nerve-wracking moments of emotional anguish. In one month, we faced head-on the most challenging and difficult road that we've ever traveled on, both individually and together. And it's only the beginning.

In one month, we've witnessed our baby grow and mature right before our eyes! From a tiny little red thing, no bigger than the size and weight of a can of soda, she is now over a foot long and weighs a pound and 5 oz. Her skin is no longer so transparent; it's much more opaque and has a lovely rosy hue to it. Her eyes are open a lot during the day, and she's quite responsive to our voices and touch. She knows what she likes and what she doesn't like, and has very quickly found ways of expressing her opinions to her nurses and to us! 

In one month, we've become truly humbled by our tremendous support group. From family to friends, to colleagues and acquaintances, we're finding out just how lucky we are to have the special people in ours lives that care about us and have gone above and beyond to help us with everything from meals to rides to the hospital. Friends and family far and wide and from all corners of the Earth are reading our updates and sending daily prayers to us and our baby. The amount of good vibes, warm wishes, and good deeds (mitzvahs) in our honor and in Lana's honor is so impactful and so appreciated. It really helps us to be strong and gives us the support knowing that we have so many cheerleaders and caring shoulders to lean on (even if only virtually) during this somewhat stressful and emotional time.

In one month, our baby girl has become a fashionista with her first pair of booties today that her amazing nurse Tammy found for her! A girl's gotta accessorize and look fancy for this special occasion!

One month down. We're not entirely sure how many months we've got to go in the NICU, but we're ready to face month two head on, and look forward to more good days ahead. And the best day...when we can finally bring Lana home!

A big yawn from a little girl!

A big yawn from a little girl!