That's a lot of diapers!

Eden's Garden was so excited to help a family with triplets last week! These little one's have had some difficulties in the NICU but they are on their way to all being under one roof very soon. The triplets mom writes her story:

Quinn Maureen, Kai John, and Dylan Jayne were born on February 19th, 2015 at Abbott just shy of 32 weeks gestation.  They spent 25 days in the NICU, followed by a varied amount of time in the special care nursery where Dylan is still currently working hard to join the rest of her family at home.

At a 30 week ultrasound the doctors found that Kai was lagging a bit behind his sisters in size and did not have good umbilical blood flow.  This information was enough to send us from our appointment at Methodist over to Abbott for admission. I was put on magnesium sulfate pretty quickly to prepare for a possible delivery as well as my first betamethasone shot to prepare the triplets’ lungs. As it turned out, we were able to keep everyone stable for the next eight days while we were monitored at the hospital. I was sent home on February 17th but returned on the 19th where we found that I had developed preeclampsia. Time for the triplets’ birthday!

The delivery by c-section at Abbott went very well producing Quinn at 3 lb 2 oz, Kai at 2 lb 8 oz, and Dylan at 2 lb 15 oz. Quinn and Dylan were intubated straight away while Kai only needed CPAP. Quinn switched to CPAP within the first twelve hours. Dylan, though, struggled and actually had to be re-intubated (in emergency fashion) after a couple doses of surfactant. It took a few days for Quinn and Kai to kick all forms of breathing assistance while Dylan still needs help today. Dylan also had a significant PDA in her heart that has been slowly closing over the past six plus weeks.

The triplets were in the NICU for 25 days at Children’s where we received superb care. We were then transferred to the special care nursery where they continued to feed and grow. Kai was the first to be discharged-our low-weight boy who couldn’t handle contractions in utero was leaving first! Quinn was just two days behind him as she learned to take her feedings more effectively.

Our sweetpea Dylan is still working on her breathing and feeding. The extent of lung disease she had at birth was significant and is holding her back more than we originally thought it would. Though, she is a tough little girl. She currently weighs the most out of the three babies!

The triplets have a sister at home, 2.5 year old Evelyn who is so very excited to have them as a part of her family. She knows that Dylan is still in the hospital and knows that we go to be with her everyday in hopes we are able to bring her home to be with her sisters and brother.