Big personalities in little packages

This week Eden’s Garden was thrilled to help a family with twin girls born at only 25 weeks! Their mom writes about their journey here.

“Tallulah May & Lilly June born 10-20-14 at 25w are identical twin girls with big personalities! 
Tallulah weighing  only 1 lb 7.5 oz and 12 1/4 inches at birth and Lilly a hair bigger at 1 lb 8 oz and 12 1/ 2 inches! Tallulah May was born with heart defects which we were expecting and doctors told us being  born this early not to expect her to survive but she didn't get that memo... as she was extra feisty and doing better than her sister.They were perfect like little dolls.
Every day they changed- some days for the better some days for the worst.
We have been here now in the NICU for 13 weeks now. And today you'd see them and they are like two normal little babies. Lilly has no feeding tube anymore and is completely off oxygen she loves to bottle too! Tallulah's still on oxygen and bottles most the time as she is now having problems with her blood sugar being too low.
Lilly June weighs 5lbs 10oz and is 17 inches long, Tallulah is not far behind at 5lbs 7oz 17 inches long! Big babies!  Now at 37 weeks. They laugh smile, giggle and cry loud everything full term babies do... hopefully we'll have them home by February! Thank you so very much!”