Another follow-up on a little guy

Here’s another follow-up from one of the families that Eden's Garden helped. Read the original post about Carter here.

Carter's mommy wanted to write an update:

Carter is now 10 months old and is doing amazingly well! He spent two months in the NICU and ICC and since then he has been doing great. We have had to be careful and not expose him to many germs as his lungs are still underdeveloped, but over time they should continue to grow and catch up. The doctor mentioned he may not be able to run marathons, but if that is the extent of his difficulties we are definitely ok with that and knowing Carter he will likely continue to amaze us with all he does. The only other difficulty we have run into is eating and weight gain, but again Carter really is doing very well and we know in time that he will master this as well. He is a very active and happy little guy; he is crawling and trying to walk all over the place and loves chasing his little dog. Sometimes we "forget"  how much he has been through and the tough road he had, because he has done so well and is so very happy. He is such a blessing and we could not be more in love with him! 

We are so thankful to Eden's Garden for all your support and gifts. It really meant the world to us, during such a hard and scary time. Thank you again! We think of Eden and your family often!