Holding on to the days they have

Eden's Garden was so happy to help a very special family during their journey in the NICU. They are a truly remarkable family and they cherish every day with their little one because they simply do not know how long he will be with them. His mom wanted to write this post in her own words.
"I tell him he's the winner of a strong man contest all the time. He comes from 3 generations of pro-wrestlers on my side and that's what he acts like. He growls, coo's, yells, bats at the banana that his favorite monkey holds dangling by his crib.
We enjoy every second that we have with him, because we're uncertain of how long we'll have with him. I keep thinking of him teaching me this. One never knows how long ANY of us will be granted life on this earth, but I am fully aware of that now. 
Emmett was born with holoprosencephaly or HoPE, the predictions were much more dire in utero than now, but he still has a life threatening birth defect. Seizures, Diabetes Insepidous & Midline Cleft Lip Palette come with HoPE. He has a g-tube, a new regime of anti seizure meds and his diabetes Insepidous is under control with meds.
We are going back home Sandstone MN finally. Unfortunately, had to quit my new job that I was starting because I HAVE to stay home and care for my BABY. We have no financial resources right now, and we are really struggling.
We don't know how long we will have with Emmett but we are fighting alongside him and will be diligent to give the best care possible.
The Scottish Rites Hospital in Texas has a Holoprosencephaly Specialty Clinic, I've spoken with the nurse director there twice and she said that Emmett's docs are doing all the right things. Please check out the holoprosencephaly support site HoPE for families.
Many family members have said he's here to teach people and that he's already done.
I love him with every ounce of my being and I will continue to fight with him because he has a lot of fight in him for such a little guy he's amazingly strong. I pray he and I & our family are together for many, many years.
Eden's Gardens donation to our family helped purchase the monkey blanket that Emmett uses!!! As well as other things! Thanks so much <3"

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