A terminally ill child

Gabriel “Gabey” was born June 30th with a life-threatening disease called Trisomy 18. This little guy has a heart defect and a floppy airway. This causes him to have breathing problems. He is struggling in the NICU and his parents are by his side all the time. When his mommy and daddy cuddle with him his breathing gets better. Kangaroo care is so tremendously healing for these babies and the nurses who encourage it are wonderful. Gabey loves to cuddle and his family is hoping to take him home very soon. He has an older brother who is in love with Gabey. According to the boys mom, his older brother doesn’t see the wires and tubes he only asked why Gabey doesn’t have eyebrows. A child’s love is so beautiful.

Sadly after Eden’s Garden had selected this family sweet Gabriel passed away on August 7th in the hospital. This family is grieving and our decision was to support them regardless of losing their little one. Please help us continue to support families during their journey in the NICU by donating today.