Taking a step

A caring heart and a little passion is all it takes to ask someone to make a donation. A friend of ours did just that.

Scott B has been a friend for many years and has his own children, he has followed along with our NICU journey and has supported us since day one. He wanted to do more because he has a big heart but also because he has passion for helping other families. Eden’s Garden was the perfect choice for him. He consulted with his employer, Liberty Diversified International and asked for a donation. Scott’s division is Liberty Carton Co which is a local Minneapolis company and in addition to their daily business they also have a desire to support the local community and improve quality of life for others. Through the Mike and Linda Fiterman Foundation, Eden’s Garden was beyond excited to receive a very generous donation. Many thanks to Liberty Diversified International for the generosity. But a huge thank you to our friend Scott B whose willingness to take the step and ask made a big difference in the lives of so many families.

You can do it to, all it takes is a caring heart and a little passion. Ask your company about donations to local non-profits like Eden’s Garden.