An amazing, long journey

This sweet family has been through so much during their journey. Their babies are only seven weeks old and yet their story will leave you speechless. Expecting triplets would be overwhelming as it is but to combine that with a difficult pregnancy is even tougher. On May 14th at only 23 weeks gestation, Marissa (Baby A) was born into this world. She was far too little and weak and she passed away less than an hour later. So while this family struggled with their tremendous grief, mom was able to be stabilized by doctors and kept the other two babies inside. However only two days later on May 16th Baby B, Hazel and Baby C, Grant were born. Both babies were just over 1 pound and only 24 weeks gestation.

These babies are working on lung development, Hazel had heart surgery on her tiny heart, and they’ve had multiple blood transfusions all the while trying to grow big and strong so that they can go home. Their parents are so incredibly in love and have relished in being able to Kangaroo care with them. Hearing Grant cry for the first time was a beautiful sound. All of these little things are those that parents of full-term healthy babies don’t even think about. But as a preemie parent you cherish every small milestone. These things give you breath and hope. This family has already had a journey and it’s not near the end yet. At some point both of these babies will go home and thrive but in the meantime Eden’s Garden is here to provide support. Please help us fulfill our mission by donating to Eden’s Garden.